A lot of my existing works may be licensed for book covers, album art and advertisements. Musicians, artists, writers, performers and other creators can find appealing visuals for your businesses

  • Licensing fees begin at £200 for non-exclusive contracts
  • You can hire me for original artwork as well
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Examples of licensed work

#1: Product samples for nPhoto Lab

  • nPhoto lab is a leading fine-art printing company working worldwide. A number of pictures were licenced to be used for product samples and advertisements
  • Some photos can be seen at the nPhoto Virtual Trade Show live video on facebook

#2: Product photography for Aquarius Mermaid Tails

  • I created photos for the first advertising campaign for wonderful mermaid tail designer Kristie Foster founder of Aquarius Mermaid. She has designed all tails for Swimtails

#3: Album cover for 'In Too Deep' by singer Natasha Hardy

Natasha Hardy is a classical-crossover singer-songwriter from London, England. Her voice has been described as 'angelic, haunting and ethereal'. Natasha is trained in both classical and contemporary traditions and writes her own material. Her fusion of classical and contemporary styles results in a beautiful cinematic blend of ethereal vocals with operatic, Celtic and ambient elements.

Her musical influences come from the ethereal voices of Enya and Sarah McLachlan, to the operatic voices of Renee Fleming and Angela Georgiou; film composers Hans Zimmer, Gabriel Yared and artists Enigma and Faithless.