2017 - Mirabel Tuk

Работать с Maria Mirage прекрасная возможность побыть в образе архетипа, который вам близок. огромный выбор костюмов и аксессуаров, профессиональный и чуткий подход.

Всё это оставит незабываемый след в вашей жизни. попробуйте ускользнуть от шаблонных фото в мир сказочной реальности


2017 - Marine Salomon

I had the pleasure of posing for Maria during a very hot summer day in the water, and what a fantastic experience that was!

Maria is very creative, well organised and the pre-photoshoot communication was great (i.e. what to expect, how to get there, etc.)

Maria will guide you through the whole photoshoot, from choosing the best outfit for you according to your features (especially if you're indecisive as I am!),

and the best poses, to make sure you get the most out of this magical experience.

The pictures are absolutely amazing, and I am looking forward to posing again for Maria


2015 - Mara D'Eleán

Adorei a experiência! Foi uma tarde muito agradável cheia de criatividade e partilha!

Senti-me uma verdadeira ninfa no lago, e o resultado não poderia ser mais incrível!


2017 - Anezka & Molly. Daughter & Mother photosession

My daughter and I fell in love with Maria's photography so we arranged a shoot with her.

Maria's pre-shoot communication was fab. She was quick to respond and full of ideas for us to choose from.

Her wardrobe and props are extensive, so much to choose from!

Matching headpieces and costumes were put together for us. Her garden studio has many nice areas for shooting.

We had a great shoot. I love the finished photos.


2017 - Louise Haggarty

I did a photo shoot with Maria last year and the whole experience was just incredible.

Maria really knows what she’s doing (you just need to look at her work to see that) and she’s also fantastic to work with.

She was able to put me at ease, helped me out with advice on posing, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the shoot.

I honestly can’t recommend her enough.


2019 - Joey Marie

I seen Maria's photography page a long time ago and really admired her creativity and the way her photos were made.

I was delighted first hand to see how creative and talented this photographer is. I was amazed by all the hand made costumes, head bands and wigs that went into creating the perfect picture.

If you are looking at getting perfect and fantasy type shots which are so popular these days, then Maria is your photographer.


2018 - Gemma Wierd & Luca Zanzi

My boyfriend and I had a couples photoshoot with Maria a few years ago and it was such an amazing experience.

Maria always puts so much work and care into setting the scene and provides the perfect backdrop to make you feel like you're in a fairytale. In our case we wanted the fairytale to have a darker gothic feel, and Maria made the magic happen! She has such a wide array of clothes and props to work with every kind of client.

I would definitely recommend Maria to have a special fun day with your partner and beautiful photos to cherish forever


2019 - Shenka & Jordan

What a fantastic day I had!

Maria styled me and my partner amazingly, and spent good time making sure we looked great! She has such a dazzling array of accessories and jewellery, you could spend hours just looking at it all. Her studio garden is wonderful too, absolutely beautiful and so well set out.

Maria was fantastic through and through, she gave great directions, helped with poses, and had amazing ideas.


2019 - Naomi Vets

Maria is echt een geweldige fotografe. Ze maakt fotos die helemaal in de magische sfeer brengen.

Met haar samenwerken is enorm fijn en rustig. Ze neemt de tijd om samen te werken en te bespreken hoe je de shoot zal doen en haar visie.

Zelf kan je samen leuke ideeën uitwerken en iets unieks proberen. Zeker een aanrader.


2016 - Yanina Mylliz

I saw works of many portrait photographers, but Maria is unique.

She is not just a professional photographer, but a person with a vivid imagination and kind heart.

She fulfilled my dream of being a fairy and it was an absolutely magical day.


2017 - Ladawan Phengprakhon

ได้ร่วมทำงาน กับมาเรีย เป็นภาพที่ประทับใจมาก เป็นช่างภาพที่เก่งที่สุด ภาพออกมาดูดีมาก ชอบผลงานของเขามากๆ ประทับใจ ที่เลือกทำงานกับมาเรีย และชอบผลงานเขามากๆคะ ใครสนใจอยากมีรูปสวยๆติดต่อทางเพท เขาได้นะคะ ขอบคุณคุณมาเรียมากๆคะ


2019 - Enakai Fairyfish

Maria Mirage is an absolute genius! I cannot speak more highly of her vision and her execution. I was visiting the UK all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii and she turned my visit into the most magical experience! Not only is she herself a wonderful and amazing individual, but she was also so easy to work with and was so patient, communicative, and caring. Her kitties are also so, so wonderful to meet!

The photos that we created together speak for themselves of the talent, dedication, and hard work Maria puts into her art.

Every single aspect of the studio shoot had been considered in the most intricate detail from beginning to end. These are by far the most amazing photos of myself I have ever seen! I am still blown away a year later and am looking forward to ordering physical prints for my place. Maria's photos exude quality in every way and the experience of working with her is like no other.

I am very envious of all the UK models and mermaids who get to work with her all the time and I'm really looking forward to when I can make my next visit happen!

Much love and aloha to Maria.


2019 - Shaleema Burroughs

Maria's shoot was the hardest, yet most fun shoot I had.

She is very creative, professional and passionate about her work, and knows exactly what shot she wants.

I enjoyed being a mermaid for a day! Thank you, Maria!


2017 - Karina Karaulova

I have worked with Maria, it was a superb shoot. Maria had prepared well for this shoot and arranged hair and make-up and even an assistant for the shoot.

She has an enormous collection of different accessories, beautiful dresses and corsets, wigs and many more, it’s really any girls dream.

Maria as a photographer knows the best angles to shoot a model from. She is also good at setting a scene for the shoot.

Maria has a great creative vision and Photoshop skills and with these she amazing fairy-tale/fantasy images. She is also a fantastic stylist and can know exactly what she wants to achieve from a shoot.

Would love to be photographed by her again and definitely recommend


2019 - Mermaid Kalynn

My experience with Maria Mirage was one of the best of my life. I loved my shoot and it was worth every penny.

She was incredibly welcoming, thoughtful, and kept me feeling like I was safe to be vulnerable on camera. The photos were fantastic, and I felt more confident than ever.

You will not be disappointed if you book with her— I travelled from across the world to do so and would do so again!


2014 - Olga Alexandra Romanova

It has always been a pleasure to be photographed by Maria.

Not only the results of our photoshoots are brilliant but also the whole process is interesting and comfortable enough in a good sense.

Working with Maria I feel I do something that people call art.

Thank you, Maria and good luck!


2015 - Rita Serra

Brilliant artist and photographer! Loved working with her!

Very creative and focused, I had a really nice time and loved the result!


2015 - Lillian Liu

Fun and engaging, a beautiful artist and person!


2019 - Stephanie Rodrigues

Maria is an incredibly talented photographer who has meticulous attention to detail and unique vision to what she wants to create. I first spotted Maria's page on Facebook in January 2019 when I made the conscious decision that it was a dream I wanted to manifest. And that was taking part in a Mermaid shoot. I had always been into Mermaids for years and little did I know that it was possible to get involved in something like this. And since taking part in her project 'Mermaid Tales' I have been able to attend my first Mermaid Convention and even join a freediving club thereafter. My dream and aim is to someday be able to perform my first gig as an Aquatic Mermaid Artiste.

Moving on to my photoshoot experience with Maria, I remember her welcoming me with her delicious green tea and scones. She always made sure that I was comfortable throughout the whole day. I couldn't believe the transformation between choosing my costume and accessories in which Maria was very kind to help me out with and the Makeup Artist Naomi who I can't stress enough how brilliant her skills are she made me look fabulous!

My overall experience was amazing and I would not hesitate to do it again.


2019 - Alexandra Machete

I had a bath/water photoshoot with Maria and really enjoyed it. She is a lovely person and a highly professional photographer.

She made me feel welcomed, confident and beautiful.

I would strongly recommend this unforgettable experience.


2018 - Joni Steinmann

I had been a fan of Maria’s work for a while and when she announced she would be coming over to the Netherlands, I jumped at the opportunity to be photographed by her.

Maria had brought a whole load of costumes and headpieces. And despite the fact I don’t have a lot of experience being in front of the camera, she is extremely good at giving very precise instructions to get the best shot of you as possible.

To this date, these photos are some of the most beautiful I have of myself. Not only did this impromptu shoot result in a wonderful photo, it even caught the attention of an editor and ended up published in a book!

Maria has an extremely good eye for composition and takes real care to get every single detail just right.

I love her work and hope to be photographed by Maria again in the future.


2019 - Lexie & Simeon

We came from France for a photoshoot with Maria and the result is just amazing. We are very happy with the pictures chez took, the mood is fantastic!

Maria is also a very good adviser for posing!

A great and interesting moment spent with her, thank you, Maria!


2008 - Elena Sidorko

My family's members follow all new photos and enjoy them very much.

Here we find resources for our own creatives and new ideas!

Keep it up! We love you!


2009 - Nasima Thomassen

Fantastic photographer. I hadn't modelled before, but felt very comfortable in my shoot.

We walked around and Maria was able to spot good locations for shots.

We got some amazing shots, which I was really happy with. Thanks again for the shoot!


2016 - Jessica Megan

Working with Maria is a rollercoaster between total dedicated creativity and wonderful fun.

She's incredibly helpful, showing you the best poses for your body and shape and has a gorgeous collection of jewellery, makeup and costumes. Working with Maria guarantees incredible photos for your portfolio.

Her garden studio has numerous places to make fairytale dreams come true.


2019 - Lady Mermaid Ink

Ho visto alcune foto di Maria e mi sono subito innamorata dell’atmosfera che trasmettevano e della loro bellezza.

Quindi ho deciso di partire dall’Italia per il mio servizio fotografico personale!

È stata veramente una bella esperienza, Maria è davvero gentile e piena di talento, mi ha fatta sentire a mio agio e mi ha fornito tutto l’abbigliamento necessario per le foto (coda compresa!)

Il risultato è stato fantastico! Lo consiglierei davvero a tutti!


2017 - Roberta Herridge

It was a pleasure to shoot with Maria and she made me feel very welcome in her home.

She is so passionate about her work, she takes pride in costumes and jewellery she makes and it’s incredible how she puts everything together to achieve these perfect enchanting painting-like photographs.

She has a great vision and knows exactly what she wants from the image and is very good at directing and guiding the model.

It was a special experience and I absolutely love the photos we created together


2015 - Ellie Lindridge

My shoot with Maria was such a delight!

She is an energetic, lovely lady with so much enthusiasm for her work. She is full of ideas and I think she could have carried on all evening if she could. A joy to work with! Highly recommended!


2015 - Nadia van der Westhuizen

I was photographed by Maria a few times and each shoot has been wonderful. Maria is extremely passionate about what she does and puts a great deal of energy and effort into creating magical sets.

She is also an excellent stylist with an impressive collection of costumes, hair, jewellery and props. Her attention to detail, and her consummate professionalism, make for a magical experience which will result in exceptional, high-quality images.

I would not hesitate to recommend her.


2009 - Oksana Medvedeva

Such a remarkable photographer! Maria's photos are full of love and mystery. This is Maria's particular talent to brag of.

If you have a chance to be photographed by Maria, you will overwhelm the atmosphere and admire the result.


2017 - Anna Karpovich

Мария, благодарю за фотосессию. У меня остались потрясающие фотографии и прекрасные воспоминания.

Таинственный лес под Лондоном, пруд возле Вашего дома, чудесная атмосфера превращения в мифическое существо. Я почувствовала себя настоящей лесной феей. Профессионализм как фотографа даже упоминать не буду - фотографии говорят сами за себя.

Ещё раз больше спасибо за настоящее приключение и погружение в сказку.


2016 - Emily Gingerface

I had an incredible shoot with this very talented photographer.

Maria has an eye for detail and she knows exactly what she wants from each image. Not only that but she is great to be around and is full of enthusiasm.

I was over the moon to see the images from our shoot published in a magazine and I highly recommend this photographer to anyone.

Thank you for an amazing shoot Maria


2015 - Zarah Leoni Lenore

I had two photo sessions with Maria this year in two of my handmade outfits.

The first concept was my Arwen dress from the Lord of the Rings using the surrounding forests near her home.

The second was a water-themed shoot in her outdoor pool with my Ophelia dress in the style of Victoria Frances.

Maria is so easy to work with and always does everything she can to allow for my ideas and artistic expression, adding a touch of her own magical direction to compliment my own ideas.

A fantastically talented and lovely lady, we always get beautiful results!


2018 - Ria Fantastic

I had a lovely water/lake shoot with Maria Mirage at her garden studio. The team was all female, which it has been a loooong time since I've had last, and was incredibly nurturing.

Maria also took great care of us with constant tea and scones.

Maria really makes sure to do things right, as close to perfect as possible, when creating her art. This is what makes her so successful - in combination with her incredible creativity and the beautiful set-up at her garden.

She completely transformed an ordinary backyard into a goddess haven, and I felt transported!

She has amazing knowledge of set design and styling a model - I looked like a pre-rephealite nymph when she was done with me! The pool was even heated :-) Every detail had attention paid to it.

Working with her is worth every minute of the journey and I am sure the pictures will be nothing short of masterpieces. (Also, she has two adorable cats!)

Highly recommend Maria!


2008 - Veronika Lir

Me encanta totalmente! El estilo, atmósfera, cada detalle. Magnífico!


2015 - Galina Vdovichenko

С удовольствием вспоминаю работу с Maria Mirage, было комфортно взаимодействовать, и результаты меня вдохновили! Я до сих пор пользуюсь теми фотографиями, хотя прошло несколько лет.

Искренне рекомендую тем, кто хочет создать для себя глубокую и нереальную атмосферу, показать глубину своего характера и присоединиться к особой эстетике, с которой Maria так хорошо работает.

Работать вместе легко, потому что фотограф рад вас услышать, открыто в партнерстве обсуждает с вами желаемый результат и создает легкую и творческую атмосферу даже там, где технически трудно и позировать, и работать самому фотографу.

С самыми теплыми воспоминаниями и пожеланием красивых и ярких работ


2008 - Polina Shornikova

Thank you for my favorite pics of me!


2014 - Anna Larina

Мария – необыкновенный фотограф. Во-первых это единственный русскоговорящий фотограф работающий в фантазийном стиле в Англии, во-вторых у Марии огромная коллекция платьев, париков, украшений и прочего реквизита, все что нужно для того, чтобы полностью перевоплотиться в фантазийный песонаж. А еще Мария настоящий художник, она мастерски придумывает новые сюжеты, видит какой образ лучше подойдет каждому клиенту.

Мне очень понравилось сниматься у Марии: она подсказывает как лучше позировать, держать руки, сьемки проходят очень интересно.

Если вам хочется необычную съемку, то вам к Марии.


2016 - Mayamorgane

Words cannot do justice to Maria’s talent, creativity and vision!

Every photo tells a story, you see it and you feel the atmosphere, the magic, the mystery! It takes your breath away. That’s how I felt when I first saw Maria’s work with models.

I am not a model. When I booked my photoshoot, I never expected that I would have such an amazing experience it would lead to me being inspired to write poetry again. A full day of shooting, four costumes and many inspired hours later, Maria and I have created a book together based on the pictures for my photoshoot.

I am continuing to write poems inspired by her work with other beautiful souls.

I cannot recommend booking a shoot with Maria enough! I wish I lived closer!


2017 - Molly-Mae Coldridge

I was quite new to modelling when I went to shoot with Maria, but she is such a wonderful photographer and an artist with huge attention to detail...

I simply had to shoot with her! I was a little intimated at first as she shoots such beautiful people, but I soon realised that the second you enter her magic kingdom of a garden no matter what you look like or who you are she transforms you into whatever magical creature you wish!

Mermaid, witch, siren, fairy, goddess or princess - Maria can make you whatever you choose.

We have lovely tea before we started and talked about the shoot, Maria showed me my wig and we started make-up.

She was amazing to shoot with, very direct and gives great instructions to help pose and we got some amazing behind the scenes content too! I shot in a grey wig in a beautiful satin princess dress and we had fun and laughed all day, I brought my mum too and Maria made sure she was involved and had a fantastic day.

I loved shooting with Maria and have been back since.

I can’t wait to work with her again!


2020 - Gemma Louise Williams

Maria is the absolute queen of fantasy photoshoots! Her work is truly magical and she really captures the ethereal nature of what it means to be a mermaid.

A delight to work with and you can always expect the most beautiful images!

Highly recommended and you won't find anyone to capture such an incredible experience.

Book her now!


2020 - Oksana Nikiforova

It was my first experience of photo session in water. It was my dream to be photographed by Maria Mirage for a long time. As she is incredibly talented photographer with huge experience and tons of creative ideas.

Every photo by her is a piece of art! She has a massive stock of costumes, handmade accessories (made by Maria), wigs and all sorts of decoration to make a perfect scene and background for every photosession. She can turn you into a mermaid in her garden lagoon, mysterious princess or even into an evil goddess.

Maria is extremely professional, and has interesting and creative personality. It was a big pleasure and incredible experience for me to work with so talented photographer! I hope to be photographed by her again!


2020 - Jade Sakura

After seeing Maria Mirage work on Facebook, I had to have this mermaid shoot. It sure is one of my dreams to become a mermaid and I absolutely felt like one! I admire her style of photography and her hard work she puts towards a shoot.

The day was fantastic, along with great communications and provided with unlimited tea/scones for the day! She has her own flare in her style and executes it very well, thank you very much for bringing the magic to life for me and I enjoyed the day very much!

I would highly recommend Maria and would happily to be photographed by her again!

Jade x


2014 - Cressida Cooper

I absolutely adore working with Maria, she just gets better and better.

I have been photographed by her a few times now and she is always a pleasure to work with, very friendly and a great communicator.

She has some fantastic ideas and I hope to be photographed by her again in the future as she always has new and creative ideas.


2015 - Anna Moya

A superb photographer, excellent stylist and fabulous all round creative!

I really enjoy photosession with Maria, I hugely recommend Maria to all, you won't be disappointed!